Dear Ones,

We see that in this time you are now entering, you have often thought that your actions were the cause of things changing in your lives. But we will tell you that there is far more “in play” than you have yet realized.

When you set up an action based on what you believe will cause a particular outcome, what you are really doing is setting an intention. The intention is, if I do this thing, I will get a result. The truth behind that thought is that if you hold that intention you will get the result. And so, you see, the action is, in reality, irrelevant.

Now, this is only true if you can hold the intention with the knowing that the result will come in the form that is the easiest to manifest – if you do not stop it with incorrect beliefs. In other words, if you do not believe it can happen, then it cannot. It is the belief that – when you perform an action then you will get the outcome – that causes the outcome. Not the action itself. And if you look at the actions to outcomes ratios you will see that many do not manifest. And it is not because of the action. Again, it is because of the belief behind the action, and it is the lack of blocks that allows the desired outcome.

And so, we tell you this so that you may hold the intentions for those things and states of being you wish to see manifest in your lives. And there are any number of ways to remove blocks to having those things, or states of being, manifest for you. You may work through them gently over a longer period of time, or you may purge them very quickly. You may also “reprogram” yourselves to accept a new “reality” and way of being. You will pick the option that is “right” for you at the time you choose it. 

We remind you again that you are creator beings and that you can manifest whatever you wish at will. If you wish to continue to take actions in order to manifest outcomes, we recommend taking those actions from the heart. Actions taken out of frustration – for that which you do not have – are far less likely to create the outcomes you wish to see. Creating out of love and similar emotions manifests far more quickly with far better outcomes.

We know you will enjoy playing with these ideas. And we look forward to seeing what you create.

And we thank you.

Creating Successful Outcomes (channeled)