Dear Ones,

As we have said many times, it is your intention which creates your outcomes. Today we will speak about what you can create in this new “year” of yours.

When you focus upon the things you do not enjoy, you create a sort of frequency that we would say “hangs in the atmosphere” of your planet. It is very easy for other beings, who are not aware of their thoughts and what they create, to pick up on these energies and replicate them. And this happens quite a bit.

We would like to see you, in the coming years starting now, begin to create new patterns of positive events and creations which others can pick up on.

It is sometimes quite challenging for you to focus your thoughts on the collective good. You all have experiences which impact your ability to automatically use the light that you really are to create. And so what it will take is a little focus and a little practice. You will focus your thoughts, and when you notice them veering off in a direction of what you do not want, you will gently guide them back to what you do want.

And you will need a little practice at connecting to your true self and going within for the answers – not seeking them from outside sources or the validation of others. When you connect to your higher aspect or aspects, you are able to hold your vision for the future that you really want.

And so, dear ones, do not settle for the “status quo”. Take the small amount of time that you need right now and practice connecting to your true self and then set the energetic patterns (for others in the collective) of the life you most want to live there on Earth.

It is really very easy for you. All it takes is a very small bit of effort.

We will enjoy seeing what you create now.

And we thank you.


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