We are here and what we have for you today and this month is this: Many people are requiring the art of practice at this time. And so we are giving “assignments” so to speak, to help in maintaining your center or remaining in a place of positive polarity and alignment with that which you truly are.

And for this we give YOU the choice. Where in your life would you like to feel better? Whenever you are in a state that is not what you would prefer, we invite you to consciously shift your focus back to that which you would wish to feel and experience.

By doing this, you train your “mind” to focus on the things you want to see, be and experience instead of the deeply ingrained and fear based need to focus on what “bad” things might be coming your way in order to avoid danger.

You are all past the point of needing this ancient way, and are now shifting into creating what you want instead.

We hope you enjoy this new practice.

And we thank you.


Thank you to my Patreon supporter who allowed me to share this message which was given to him by the Arcturians for this month’s personal message. I thought it was too good not to share.  ????