Our Dear Collective of Earth,

Today we speak to you on the condition of your planet. Not in terms of physical surroundings but of energetic ones.

You can see, as well as we can, that the energy on the planet at this time is one of transition. You can see that the polarity there has split – like a cell that divides into two cells. In this case, the cell is dividing to create a new, improved organism, so to speak. Different parts of a whole have different “jobs”, just as you each have a specific gift you bring forward into the world.

And so it is that the parts of humanity are splitting so that each can do their part with the gifts they have to offer.

We understand that this looks chaotic and you would consider the state of your world to be negative. But if you could see all probable outcomes, as we can, you would know that the outcome you are almost guaranteed to see is that this fractioning creates an environment of sovereignty that can later be used in the best kind of collaboration possible.

You will see, in your future, that individuals are honored and respected for their unique experiences, gifts and insights. Because of this you will develop what are called councils – where each input adds to the whole rather than creating a conflict with others in the group. You will be able to understand and take in each different perspective. In honoring each, you can then make the best choices for the whole.

What it will take is an ability to understand the entirety of an individual’s experience there on Earth, and the desire to make lives better based on the input you receive. When you convert “opinions” into “input” you remove the emotional attachment. You remove the ability of that “input” to trigger you. Because it is not your experience – it is another’s experience.

And so, you begin to solve your challenges by understanding how another being sees the circumstances there and figuring out how to meet their needs in relation to the needs of others in the collective.

It will be a very interesting process, and you are just the ones to take on this type of challenge. We look forward to seeing how you progress.

As always, we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.