Dear Ones,

If you are in a state of receiving, it does not matter which technique you use to get there. We mean, we will speak today in terms of how you get to the state of connection.

When you are having a bad day, when you are tired, you believe you are disconnected from us, your guides or source. It cannot be so. You are always connected at all times.

It is your belief that you must hold a certain vibration or feeling in order to connect with us that hinders your ability to allow our messages to come through (or those of your guides, or any other group).

All that is needed is the intent to allow the information to “appear”, so to speak, in your consciousness. And then, of course, to use your wonderful ability of discernment to determine whether the message is coming from a source that freely flows, or has to be aligned with from your personality selves. That is to say, determine whether you are receiving a communication stream rather than tapping into a holographic creation.

We understand that this sounds a bit complicated, but we will tell you that communication with many of the higher realms, as you call them, really only involves an allowing to receive and an ability to record in some way, that which you receive for later consideration.

There is a bit more to this, or course, but we will communicate all of it to you when you begin to sit, allow, and record. The more you do this, the easier it becomes.

We look forward to more and more “personal” communications with all of you.

And we thank you.