Dear Ones,

The message we have for you today is about the way in which you go about “finding yourselves”. We mean that you are all very concerned with reaching that higher state of mind where your guidance can be accessed.

We will tell you that you are always connected to it. We have said this many times before. But you still believe it is something to be achieved. We would console you regarding this because if you truly could not access your “guides” and your higher self, that would be difficult indeed.

The truth, however, is this: you are your higher selves. And as your higher selves, you are always side by side with your guides and fellow higher dimensional beings. 

Now, we hear you say “But Arcturians, I have tried and I cannot ‘connect’. I cannot hear anything. I don’t receive any messages”. And we would say you are trying too hard. You are attempting to connect to something “else”. There is nothing else. There is only you as a part of The All. 

woman meditating to connect with her higher selfAnd so, we would have you try this: The next time you want to “connect” to your higher self and your guides, relax. Know that it is just you that you are trying to reach. The you that you are trying to reach is already within. You don’t have to look outside of yourself for it. And you do not have to reach for it, you just have to allow it. 

There are a great many things “cluttering up” your consciousness. All you need is a practice of peacefully allowing all of that clutter to move aside long enough for you to know who you really are. We will not suggest ways for you to do this, as you are already aware of what is best for you in that regard.

We think it will help you to know that if you will at least set the clutter of your mind aside for a short time, on a regular basis, you will begin to know more and more of your true self, your higher self as you call it. And the more of your true self you know, the less the clutter will exist within you.

As always, we are ready to assist you in all of your endeavors.

And we thank you.


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