Dear Ones,

We know that it is with trepidation that you enter your winter season. There are myriad reasons for this. Almost all of them have to do with earth ways rather than spiritual (or higher self) ways. We mean that as humans you still have a great deal of fear.

collective change represented by map symbolsThe way your cultures are structured is not very conducive to allowing. Previous generations have carved out paths that they intended for the next generation to follow. Yet they have been surprised and confounded because the new children that began to come in (in larger and larger numbers) began stepping outside of the carved paths. And in spite of the resistance those children felt coming from all around them, they knew deep inside that their path was important.

We tell you this because those reading or listening to this message are likely the ones who are continuing to carve new paths. You are the ones meeting resistance. And you are the ones who work diligently to release fear around doing the “wrong” thing. Because you know that there is no wrong thing. And you feel that you have a mission to change the collective.

The collective change is about allowing each being to realize that they are perfect love. It is about releasing fear. And it is about carving new paths for humanity. These new paths allow “sovereignty of being” in human form. They allow cooperation and compassion. Because when everyone knows they are valued for exactly who they are, a lot of resistance falls away.

When the greater majority of the collective releases fear and embraces who they really are, the magic really begins to happen there on earth. And you, Dear Ones, are such a very big part of allowing that to happen.

As always, we are here in support of you.

And we thank you.

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