I was given permission from one of my patrons to share this personal message with everyone. I feel like it’s important to know where the dark thoughts and emotions come from and how to release them.

Dear One,

We see that you have accumulated an amount of emotional heaviness that does not belong to you. You may think it is yours because it is based on experiences you have had in this lifetime. However, these accumulated heavy energies are not necessary to your existence here – nor have they ever been.

We speak of emotional “dark thoughts” such as sadness, disappointment, worry, and more. You can see, of course, that these are a part of living and being human. And we would tell you that it is very difficult to stop having these emotional responses to certain events in your life. However, you can do a little “house cleaning” every now and again.

When you clear out these old thought energies, you allow a renewed feeling of who you really are. And that feeling is like bliss and gratitude. We know you would much prefer this state of being.

And so, to clear out these old thoughts, you will have to allow them to come up. You will have to allow yourself to remember how an event or happening made you feel, and then you will have to tell the energy that it has served its purpose and can now leave.

In this way, you will make room for much more blissful living, and you will be more aware of your true self and what beautiful things you can and do experience in each now moment.

We hope this helps you.

And we thank you.