Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I was just thinking about the themes in the latest Star Wars Movie and the messages that hopefully seep into people’s subconscious when they watch it.

Rose Tico Star WarsMy favorite part of the movie (no spoilers here) was when Rose said something like “I know how we win. Not by destroying the things we hate, but by saving the things we love”.  <3 <3 <3  I can’t tell you how much I resonate with this. And right now, at the holidays when so many people are feeling the light, I can just imagine how much we’re “winning”.

There was also this whole thing about balancing light and dark. What I didn’t agree with was that they were saying (or maybe it was just Luke) that when the light shows up very bright, the darkness will always show up to balance it. I’m not sure I agree with that. Can we just ignore that part?

I was listening to Abraham-Hicks a few years ago and I loved the analogy she gave for why evil or bad or darkness exists in the world and how to deal with it.  She said we were like a person who went into the kitchen to bake a nice apple pie. So we go in, and we get all of our ingredients and we start making our lovely pie.

But suddenly we remember there is tabasco in the kitchen. And then we start to wonder “why does tabasco even exist?” and we try to go about making our lovely pie. But… tabasco. “What if the tabasco gets in my pie?” we wonder. We should not have tabasco in the kitchen at all. In fact, we’ve heard stories about how sometimes, tabasco has gotten into things it shouldn’t be in and messed everything up and really upset a lot of people.

tabascoAnd now we have to check on the tabasco and make sure it isn’t where it can get in our pie. We might have to check and make sure the lid is on properly so it can’t accidentally fall into the pie. Oh, that dang tabasco! I HATE tabasco!

Meanwhile, we’re ignoring our lovely pie and all of our focus is on the thing we don’t want. Well guess what? “It’s in my pie! It’s in my pie!”

Don’t we do this every day? Don’t we focus on the news, on the bad happening all around us, and wonder why it’s even there? Don’t we get mad and focus on what it is about people we don’t like?

What happens when, like now, at the holidays, we focus on the things we love? What if doing that would hold the space for all of those who are dealing with their own personal tabasco? 

What if we realize that tabasco is actually useful for some people? If we don’t like it, or want it, we just need to focus on what we do want and what we do love. 

So, this Christmas Eve, go and “save” the things you love and don’t give a single thought to that tabasco. It’s not getting anywhere near your pie – as long as you don’t put it there.

Love to you all and Merry Christmas!




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