I’m pretty open minded about a lot of things. I mean, I’m a past life regressionist for goodness sake. You have to be pretty open minded to go with that, right? But occasionally my children say things that take me by surprise and leave me wondering what the heck is going on.

Apparently there are a lot of children around the world who seem to remember things from another lifetime. Their “memories” certainly are not from their current lives. Usually, it’s children under six who chatter about things that have happened and people they used to know. This has become so prevalent these days that there are whole TV series based on this very theme, such as The Ghost Inside My Child.

I wonder if it’s even more far reaching than we think. What if children are giving us clues to previous lives and we are brushing their stories off or deciding they must have heard it from someone else? I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there who just say “don’t be silly” and so their children stop sharing.

My Daughter’s Story

kid art mom daughter

My daughter’s artwork.
Unrelated to the story, but cute.

This morning, my six year old daughter came into the kitchen with two of her dolls in a toy stroller. One was larger and looked more like a little girl, and the other was a baby doll. Usually, she will come in and tell me it is one of her doll’s birthday, or that one of them was being mean to the other one. These are common themes. But this morning, she told a much different, stranger story.

She pointed to the older doll and said this was her baby first, but she didn’t know about it in the beginning because that one was just a baby when there was a war. She said that she (my daughter) wanted to go, so she left and another lady took care of the baby. Then she had another baby when the lady who had the first baby came to give her back. My daughter said at first she didn’t believe the baby was hers, but then she did and took her back. She then went on to explain that she was buying her 1st child lots of toys.

I asked her what made her think of going to war. She basically just reiterated the story of wanting to go, and then added “but it’s okay, I survived”.

What makes this particular tale stand out is that women usually know when they’ve had a baby, right? And I don’t think it’s typical for a woman to leave an infant and voluntarily go off to war. So… what the heck? Is she remembering being a man from another life who left a wife or sweetheart at home who he didn’t know was expecting a child? Could be anything from WWII to some Scottish highland skirmish for all I can guess. Could have been anyone anywhere I suppose. Very interesting.

My Youngest Son’s Story

swirly eyes art

My younger son’s art.
The look on my face after
they shared their stories.

When my 2nd son was about 4 or 5 he used to talk about his “other mother”. I was thankful when he told me I was younger than she was (he he). I wouldn’t have thought anything of it, except that one day he told me that she set a fire under the porch and the whole house burned.  The boys’ bedroom is in the front of the house and looks out onto the porch, so he had few nights of worry about the fire. You know, that fire that never happened in this life.

Oh, but wait… there’s more.

My Oldest Son’s Stories

When my oldest was about three, I guess, he was playing on the floor one day when I heard him pretend whimpering. I looked over and he had a toy held up to his eye like a spyglass and he was looking all around at the floor with it.  I asked what was wrong, thinking he was pretending something. What he said took me by surprise. He said “I can’t find John in the water”. John? Who the heck is John? We didn’t know anyone by that name at that time and I couldn’t think of any Disney TV shows we watched with characters named John. Super bizarre. Plus, for a long time after that, he called every boy that was older than him John.

That one was mild in comparison to the next one he came out with.

A year or two later we were watching an episode of Sponge Bob and suddenly he turned and looked at me with an odd expression and said “Remember when Daddy cut my neck like this?” He then proceeded to drag a finger across his throat. My eyes went huge. “Uh… NO. Daddy never did anything like that” I said. “Yes he did” he replied calmly. “They tried to take me to the hospital, but it was dark and it was closed and I died. Then they digged me in the dirt.” As you might imagine, I freaked completely out inside. He was only four or five. We absolutely do not watch any adult TV in front of the kids. They were limited to cartoons and Disney movies. We didn’t even have cable at that point and watched everything on Netflix. Where in the heck would he have come up with that?! He’s now ten and doesn’t remember ever having said any of that.

So that’s it. I’m sure I could think of ways to rationalize it all away. They heard it from a friend at school, they saw something on TV, they overheard a conversation. Who knows. These particular incidents sure stand out though. And there are thousands more kids like mine all over the world who tell similar stories. What about yours? Are your children remembering past lives?

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