Dear Ones,

It is our pleasure to speak to you again today. We would have to say that throughout all of the tribulations you have endured, what we admire most is your ability to find the beauty around you. 

We see that you are looking for the little joys your environment holds – whether that be the love of your family, friends and pets, or the care given by those working so diligently right now. We see it in the way you are taking to nature to fill the void you feel within.

And we applaud your ability to keep looking for that beauty no matter how “bad” the world seems to get. You do not realize what a shining example humans are to the greater “community” so to speak. To be able to pull the love up from the depths of your being and shine it out for everyone else to feel and experience is one of your greatest talents.

We have been here all along in support of you and will continue to be so. But we think you should know that your ability to love far surpasses anything you could understand from your current perspective.

And we thank you.