There seems to be a common theme among people who meditate for a long time, or a lot – like daily for an hour, for a year or more. Something weird happens.

  • They get access to things we aren’t supposed to see or know.
  • They can suddenly hear dead relatives.
  • They suddenly have big picture answers.
  • They know the future or know details about people they’ve never even met.

It’s so… weird! How does this happen? Do they just go crazy? Or do they unlock a part of their consciousness that we all actually have access to, but have never been taught how to use?

channeling abrahamLook, our culture is not about being intuitive and tapping into knowledge we’ve never had access to before. We’re told to obey. Obey laws (federal, state, religious, etc.) that have been passed down to us. We’re also taught to fear what will happen if we don’t. We’re all cruising along in the safety of “this isn’t really what I want in an ideal world, but at least it isn’t torture”. We’re all accepting “good enough” when we really would like amazing. We’re just told it’s not possible.

My point is, we don’t meddle in what else might be out there because we have a fear ingrained in us that says what else might be out there (when we’re chasing that mystical rainbow) is a saber tooth tiger who will literally eat us for lunch. Only the modern day saber tooth tiger is the potential loss of loved ones and friends and a trip to your friendly neighborhood psychologist for some new pharmaceuticals to take. Or a one-way ticket to Hell.

The Way Showers

Channeling by Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce
aka “the sleeping prophet”

Thankfully, today we can look back to the “way-showers” and pioneers (like Edgar Cayce and Jane Roberts) and review the copious helpful information their “work” provided. Also, we have modern way-showers like Abraham-Hicks, Bashar and now thousands of others. If you haven’t seen the movie “Tuning In”, it’s on Netflix right now and also available free on YouTube. It features several well known channelers and the stories of how they got started. It’s fascinating.

abraham quoteSo, we have this whole pool of people who have stepped out into the unknown weirdness who are highly sought after for their spiritual and big picture knowledge (but also their practical advice). Suddenly, walking toward that strange but beautiful mystical rainbow seems more “okay” than it used to be. I personally am still keeping my eyes peeled for that tiger, but maybe there isn’t one. Maybe they don’t exist anymore and I’m being fearful for nothing.

Giving It a Try

A year ago I borrowed a book from a friend called “Opening To Channel”. I’m not sure why that seemed appealing to me at the time. Maybe because meditating seemed beyond my reach. I had read that you have to clear your mind of all thoughts. Do you know how difficult it is to not have any thoughts? How ’bout impossible? I tried. But during my hypnosis training and certification I realized all you need is a focused state of attention. That alone is so powerful in gaining new insight. I think it’s the same for channeling except that instead of focusing on a thing, you focus on receiving some words or thoughts or ideas (kinda like free association). It’s really not that difficult. I think everyone can do it.

Hypnosis is one way to help you gain access for yourself: to solve your problems based on your conscious and subconscious ideas. I believe you also have access to a lot more that people don’t even realize we have a name for. I believe we can tap into all of the experiences that anyone has ever had throughout time. Now that is a resource!

Darryl Anka channeling BasharBut some people don’t want that experience, or don’t have enough practical knowledge to be able to get to it (or maybe they’re too fearful), so they need someone else to access it and pass along the information that’s needed. In Victorian times, psychics and mediums were all the rage. Today we think there aren’t terribly many that we trust are “for real”. And channelers aren’t well known unless they have a huge YouTube following or a documentary made about them.

I now consider myself a channeler – though I hate to call it that. I’m more like a conscious version of Edgar Cayce. I put myself into a hypnotic state and I wait for the words, thought concepts and images to show up and then I sort of translate what “they” send me. It doesn’t seem weird, because I’ve already experienced, through hypnosis, the process of allowing information to just show up. In hypnosis we assume it’s coming from the subconscious and we’re okay with that. With channeling, we assume the information is coming from the super conscious – or the collective experience that all of us have had (and will ever have) throughout all time. Unfortunately, mainstream science hasn’t adopted or accepted the idea of the super conscious just yet. I believe it’s only a matter of time.

Err… Quantum Reception?

Bashar QuoteWe really need a new word for channeling. Maybe it needs the word quantum in it to make it sound more sciency and less woo-woo crazy. I cringe to use “channeling”, but I do it because I don’t know of anything better yet.

This process could be so helpful to so many people if we could just de-woo it. Until we think of something, or until science catches up, I’ll be over here asking questions and getting really great, practical answers for my friends and I.

If you have a question, please send me a message or an email and I’ll ask it in one of my sessions and let you know what “they” say. I’m being encouraged to offer this as a paid service, but frankly, that terrifies me at the moment. So feel free to take advantage of that and ask away now! My friends think it is really helpful (and so do I) and I do love to help.

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