We will tell you that the physical world you live in – although it seems very real and very solid to you – is not solid. It is malleable. Very malleable. And though you may go to the tree and touch it and knock on it and try to move it (and you cannot), we tell you that it is still true that the tree is not solid. It is your mind – your thoughts – that are solid.

You have participated for eons in a construct that says you live in a physical world full of solid objects, people, animals, nature. We would say to you: That is no longer necessary if you don’t want it to be. We would also say that if you choose to understand the malleability of those things around you that seem solid, you will be able to create an environment that is closer to this New Earth you have created for yourselves.

When we say you have created it, we mean that by using your powerful imagination/creation abilities, you have developed a world in which you wish to live, instead of the world you do seem to live in. You see we said “seem” because you are only focusing in this reality. It is not absolute. It is a creation made by all of you long ago and yet not long ago because it is an ongoing creation.

And so we would say to you, use this knowledge as a starting point. Use this malleability – this way of looking at things as malleable and changeable – to your advantage. For with this change in perspective, comes a change in your thought patterns. And you can start to see that you are the creator of not just all physical things in your lives, but all situations, all ways of being.

We say to you again that you are great creator beings. And right now you are creating the world of past beliefs. Perhaps you would enjoy creating a world based on your best beliefs and ideas. We think you will enjoy trying.

And we thank you.

Photo by Johann Siemens on Unsplash