Dear Ones,

Welcome to the next 20 years. The next two decades on your planet will be massively transformative. There are many aspects that will be affected. But we will speak of your consciousness, for that is what leads every shift and change on your planet. It is more of a focus now, because you, who are the leading edge of the transformation, have done all of the connecting and processing for yourselves so that you may be off service at this time. It is what you came here for (among other things).

We would tell you that the emphasis now has shifted to holding more of this peace within yourselves and using it to calm and defuse situations. When you see that others near you are “freaking out”, as you say, use your calming “powers” to send that calm into the fields of others. This is a tool to practice with now so that you will have it solidified into your personal reality in the times to come. 

You will all be tasked with spreading calm and cooperation and understanding throughout the collective. Some of you are already aware of this through dreams and synchronicities and through experimentation. We applaud your creativity and initiative. That you can do this from within the dualistic environment where you have been is quite impressive to all of us.

We would also say that there are many more gifts you will use in this manner. You will also use your human given gifts to inform and help others who will be waking up in mass numbers in the next few years.

You are the leaders of this movement of change. You are the ones who have volunteered to come and spread new ideas and new ways of being – ways you have lived yourselves in other realms and other dimensions. You continue to live these lives concurrently, so you can tap into that way of being at any time by simply knowing you are in existence in these other realms and ways of being right “now”.

Continue your wonderful, creative, enlivening work. It is time to “step up to the plate” so to speak. Your time to shine has come.

And we thank you.