Dear Ones,

What we have for you today is this: When you are living in a time of what you would consider upheaval, your main role is that of lightkeeper. What we mean by this is that when you have taken on a physical incarnation here in this time, your “job”, so to speak, is that of holding the light.

We can see that there is much chaos and division in your world at present. We can also see there is much “dis” ease [disease] caused by the very discord in your world. What you have come here to do is to set yourself apart, so to speak, in a way that allows you the space and feeling ability to be who you really are. In this way, you act as a beacon and a vibrational set point for those in the collective that need to “tap in” to these energies and re-balance themselves.

And so, although we would not suggest that you ignore all of the “bad” or “negative” events happening in your world, we would suggest that it is your role as a lightworker to hold the light and the space for others who have a very difficult time processing those energies.

We have also suggested before, and continue to suggest, that you use these light energies as a way to create change and grow it. We have not as yet seen any positive change come from focusing on the anger and hatred and division and letting that grow. And so the choice is yours. Since you are beings of light, the solutions will more likely come from focusing on the light that you are and using that energy to create change.

We will of course be always available to help you in any way you wish.

And we thank you.


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