Dear Ones,

The energy as we see it currently on your planet in all timelines running closely to your own is heading on a promising path. We see many forms of systems developing toward the goal of achieving what you are calling 5D.

One new gift you have is the ability to accurately assess the genuineness or honesty of a person. It is an intuitive feeling. You do not get it from the person’s actions or words as much as you read their energy or tap into their soul, so to speak. And so you may become aware that what a person says is not their actual intention, or you may take an extreme liking to someone who, it is clear to you, is very genuine and resonates closely with your idea of how someone in 5D behaves and experiences and creates exchanges in their life. We see you gravitating more and more toward each other in this way. 

When you move toward others of a similar vibration and intention, you amplify this intention for your world. Of course, everyone has free will. And so, if a being wishes to stay immersed in the 3D plane of existence, they will be allowed that opportunity. But eventually there will be a tipping point and a decision will need to be made: cling to the old, or evolve. No one is forced to evolve, but neither will they be allowed to impede others’ progress. There are a myriad of ways to resolve this conflict and they are easily accomplished with no harm to any being.

And so, we would tell you to follow that path which you want to follow, and do not concern yourselves overmuch with those not moving along the path with you. They will be taken care of and served in the very best way for them.

And we thank you.


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