Dear Ones,

We see you and what we would like to touch upon today is your ever increasing ability to look at the good in any given circumstance.

We see this as a great benefit to you for many reasons. To begin, it aids you in holding a higher vibration – one that will help those around you achieve or maintain a higher frequency or vibration as well. Also, you put your focus on what you want things to be like in the future – the way you want things to go rather than the way they may be in the given moment. In addition, you connect with your fellow humans when you do this. When you look for the good, “look for the helpers”, you identify with those helping in some way because that is the frequency you hold as well.

You know that you are all from one source. And so, in connecting with others and feeling gratitude towards all who join together to make things better for others, you are helping yourself and The All.

We would also speak to you about the many layers of beingness that you are. You know of your current existence and you understand that you exist in a certain place and time. We would explain that you are actually existing in many places and many “times” as you know them. 

You can view your existences – your various “lifetimes” so to speak – in a linear fashion as being past, present, and future. But we would say that if you take the time aspect out of the equation, you will see that you exist as many layers of the same self. You are, in a way, living many lifetimes all at once. And we are one layer of yourselves. We exist now, in a different form, and you may say a different time, as we are a differently dimensioned being than yourselves. You would say we have already ascended. And yet, we are still you. And in this way, the whole of All That Is exists in all of you and you in it.

And so, in everything that happens, in every existence, you are part of a whole that includes everyone and everything. We think that remembering that we are not really separated by space or time might help you to understand and cope better with your current “lifetime”.

And we thank you.


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