Greetings Beloveds,

We are aspects of The All, as are you. We come to talk to you about your part and your mission to come together in connecting to the whole. To come together and bring your aspect of The All together with another (and their aspect of The All) as an example of how all beings can connect in this powerful way. And as each pair or group connects, more of the whole connects. More of The All connects in down to the level where you are as an individual.

If this resonates then your purpose and your mission is to unite with your co-worker or partner who has also chosen to connect in this lifetime as a mission to begin the journey back to The All. The journey back to wholeness. And it is when you connect on a genuine, deep level and release fears and programming that you truly see the other as beloved – as we see all of you.

And when you connect with one as a beloved, you can then see or begin to see all as the beloved. And by beloved we mean your partner or your chosen work-mate for this lifetime – their soul essence, not their physical essence or their behavioral essence or their mental process essence. We speak of the source or the light or the beingness that they truly are. When you can look past all aspects other than the soul essence and connect at that level with one, then you can expand and begin connecting in different ways with more and more. And the more of you [that] begin this process, the more of the energy consciousness of The All starts to return back to itself. Back to source, back to peace, back to wholeness, back to oneness.

And now that you have experienced all the separation that you have chosen to experience, this is now the time to come back together.

We must state for clarification that when you work with a partner, another being, this does not necessarily represent the idea of twin flames or romantic attachments. You could connect very deeply with a friend, your child, your parent, your sibling. It is that ability to see their true self that creates the lasting connection. The connection and the bond that allows you to expand this ability to see this in everyone. And we have been saving this information for the right time. And the right time is now. It is the next step in your journey.

And we are so grateful and so pleased to be a part of you all and to feel your return home.