Today we would speak to you on the topic of your beliefs. And we will say that when you believe a thing is true, you shape your own reality around that truth. And because you are all great manifestors, whether you realize it or not, you manifest a reality around that belief.

Now this is a simplified way of looking at it because there are more than one beliefs [belief systems] and there are many levels to every (seemingly single) belief. So, it is a complex network of what we would call “your story”. And every human’s story is different. And every story is based on the total of beliefs for that particular being.

Now we see that some of you, at times, will look at someone else’s belief and interpret it in a way that makes sense to you. But it may not be the same. You may just think it is the same. This can be helpful in the case of empathy, but it may also be unhelpful and cause you to think of other’s beliefs in a way that is not accurate.

However, this is off-point.

What we are trying to get across today is that, because you are creator beings, what you believe, you will manifest. And this is why so many from outside of your experience have stressed: clearing of negative thoughts, self-love, and your ability to create. Because although there are many of you having experiences, we want to explain that your single belief system is causing all of reality for you. And it is in this way, that you can either bring about The Event that you so want, or cause a blockage against it. Because you are spectacular creators, you have the ability to create this for yourself.

And you must realize that your thoughts, whether good or bad – as deemed by you – are capable of manifesting. And not just tangible things, but internal states. And in changing internal states, [you are] creating external states and tangible – or seemingly tangible – results.

And so, we would say, if you can keep a balance between discerning what you can handle in your reality and creating the reality you want, then The Event that you desire is possible. And it is very individual. So, every individual can create their own Event. You are the powerful creators. There is nothing truly outside of you that can bring this into your personal experience.

Even our influence is just guidance. You must make a choice for yourself. You decide what you want. You decide what you believe. And you bring the results of those beliefs. So we would suggest you alter your beliefs to the way you wish to see your life. And in step-by-step way you will eventually bring yourself to the place and the life that you wish to have.

And we thank you.