Dear Ones,

What we would like for you to know about today is that you are the deciders. You may not be the cause of the current state of existence for all, but you are the ones who decide whether the decisions that have been made are valid for where you want to go in moving forward.

You see, it is in the deciding where the real power lies. All decisions are navigations, arrows, that point the way forward. When you hold in your knowing what it is you want for your future and the future of humanity, you point the arrow in that direction.

And so, we would say to you, keep holding the knowing of what it is that you most want – individually or for all. Because that holding of thought and feeling about where you want to be most adds to the arrows of all of the others on your planet. And when all of the arrows are pointing in the same direction, you can’t help but go in that direction.

We know that there is much to focus on as far as what you do not prefer, but we would suggest that in focusing your emotions and your intentions on building and being the beings you most strive to be, you will all come together and create through intention, and then action, the world and home in which you most want to reside.

And we thank you.