We wish to speak to you today, again, on the topic of love. But not the romantic love you read about in your books or watch on TV (although, that is a part of the love we are discussing). We wish to bring to light the idea that you are increasing your ability to love what you call your “fellow man”. You are increasing the feelings of concern for others well-being. And while this may feel like a negative to you in your physical vessel – it may feel bad to you that others are without the things you believe they should have as the basic necessities for living on this planet – we would tell you that these feelings are what drives you. Your emotions drive you to want to create change. And when you take action to create any sort of change in any small way, you carve a path – an energetic path – for others. And they will be able to more easily help as well.

So, we would say that now is a good time, as bringers of the light, that you use your specific gifts and talents to create change in the way that you wish to see the world. And this love does not only extend to people. It extends to animals, to the plants, to the waters, to everything that this planet is comprised of. And each of you knows where your focus lies. Whether it be protecting animals, or helping children, helping homeless, helping the hungry, helping grow things – use your interests to help. Do not try to help in ways that do not come natural to you. It is easy to become frustrated in this way. But each of you has a strength and focus and an interest in something that can contribute to the greater good in the way that you wish to see the world.

You are the bringers of light and the holders of light and now you are the change-makers.

We thank you.