Transcript of Channeling October 8, 2018

You will find in the coming weeks and months that much has changed on your planet. And this is due to a different density and different energies – both coming into and coming from your planet. It is a “setup” that has not occurred here before. In addition, you’re moving through space into a different density, you might call it – a different area where the energy and matter are different than where you have been. And so you will notice the purging of that which you do not want, and the assimilating of that which you do want. In small ways now, but in much larger ways in the future.

Your part in this is to hold on to those ideas and those thoughts and those feelings that you would like to see manifest in the here and now. Your goal is to be able to be a comfort or a support for those who are just beginning this journey – who are just coming into the awareness of what is actually going on – the things that they have never considered before – because they have been living the mechanics of life. But as this changes more will need your help – those watching this, those listening to this. They will need your support and your guidance.

Silhouette of people jumping Youtube thumbnail Channeled: Soul Tribe, You Are ReadyKeep an open heart. Guide from your heart, not your head. Participate from your heart and everything you need will be provided for you, and will be provided for you to pass along to them. Stay connected with your spiritual family – those like you – also for advice and guidance. Share your stories. Ask for help when you encounter those whom you are not sure what to do to help.

You are all a part of this big plan, this bigger plan and you are – none of you – alone anymore. You never were, but you felt you were. We are also always here for support, but now you also have each other for support.

And so share. Continue the community you have begun. It’s time. It’s time to do what you came here to do. And when you feel it and you know it, you are ready. Many, many, many of you are ready. And we will, of course, be here for support. WE and so many others – other groups, other realms, other thought forms.

And so, we congratulate you on finding each other, finding your place, and being prepared for this next phase of advancement on your planet. Hold on to each other and hold on to the vision you all have for what you wish to see here, now, and let that guide you.

As always we are happy to be of service, and we thank you for your service.