Transcript of Channeling Oct. 29, 2018

When you are in doubt of the validity of your feeling experiences, it is difficult to see your purpose. It is difficult to experience what your purpose is here. We mean when you are in doubt, it is like a block and you cannot feel the good and the beauty in what it is you do – your own unique gift, your own path, your own very narrow niche, so to speak.

And we would give you the advice that always we give: to go within, to tap back into that source that you know that you are not only connected to – but that you are. And when you connect to this feeling, then you will know. Then you will know.

And the practice is to continue this feeling in your everyday life. Not just during meditation time or quiet moments. And so we would recommend more moments throughout your day where you stop and tap into your inner world, your inner connection to source – to you – the real you. And in this way the events and the feelings and the (you would say) harshness of the external reality in which you have chosen to exist at this moment, will not affect you so harshly.

Your belief in yourself is not unfounded. It is real. It is true. And it is delivered with a unique purpose – your unique flavor added to it. And it is important that your uniqueness be maintained. And so we would say we would like you to not feel discouraged. You are – you are all keys in this process, and your uniqueness is the reason for your own unique key. And you are needed and you are necessary and that uniqueness is there for a purpose.

So do not try to be anyone else. Do not try to measure yourself against anyone or anything else. And do not question your uniqueness and your abilities. You may observe others, you may admire others, but do not measure yourselves against them. For we would say doing so only creates blocks to the person you were meant to be at this time.

And so, know that you are connected. Not only connected, but you *are* The All. You and your fellow participants in this adventure you call life. Remember, tap into that and celebrate your uniqueness. Because, no matter what that looks like, it is important. And we would say even crucial to the workings – not just here on this planet – but everywhere.

And we thank you for your service.