We are here and what we have for you today is this. 

When you think of your life in terms of having “things” to do and people to interact with, and those things are blocked for one reason or another, you begin to feel stagnant. You begin to feel restricted.

We would tell you that you have created “work arounds” in order to remain connected to each other. You have created, already, systems in which the new way you wish to exist have already had foundations laid. You all did this without even realizing what you were doing.

We would also tell you that you will continue to do these things that usher in the “New Earth” as you call it. The new ways of being on your planet that feel better than what you have experienced so far. And they will be expanded and maintained to the degree that you will feel “better” most of the time.

However, we know that it is difficult for you to see, from your perspective, that these systems and foundations have been laid.

We would say look around. Think about small things you have done over time. There are so many “little” things that are growing and adding up to the big things that you will see manifest in your world.

We also realize that current events make it seem like all is chaos. But understand that when the “smoke clears” so to speak, you will see the seeds that you have been planting all along begin to grow and flourish.

We are very much looking forward to experiencing your joy at discovering this.

And we thank you.