Dear Ones,

We wish to speak to you today on Peace. This is a peace of both your planet and your own “soul”.

We see from our perspective that there are a great many on your planet who are in the mindset of looking for evidence and placing blame. We understand that this is motivated by a desire to keep all people free and happy and healthy there. It is a desire to uncover the “truth” so that everyone can see “what’s really going on”.

But we would offer you an alternative. We would ask you to connect to that part of yourself that is also connected to us and every other being of light in all of existence. When you connect to that part and know that part, you know that there is nothing to be discovered. You know that since you are a part of everything you have the ability to make changes to your world and your life in the way you wish to.

When you begin to see your life as something you have control of through your own actions (in the direction of change you wish to see), you will also know that there is no “force” in existence that has any power over you. It is a conditioned mindset to believe that “they” are in control. “They” [the “bad” guys] are not in control at all. They only do what they can to disrupt your calm and peace because you allow it. And you allow it by believing they can.

If you were all moving in the direction of your highest joy in every given moment, and acting toward the life and world you truly wish to see and live in [for all], it would be so. When you focus your attention on what is going wrong and pointing it out to as many others as you can, you are creating momentum only in that direction and not creating what you really want.

So, yes, we see that there are those who are still in a power over others mindset. But we remind you that they really do not have any power over others who are living toward the existence they wish to see and be within. And YOU living in this way helps others who cannot yet see that this is the way to create real, lasting change on your planet.

We are available for further communication and support for all.

And we thank you.