Dear Ones,

We are a part of you. And that means, of course, that you are a part of us. In all the measures of time, we have been together – whether you have been aware of us or not. Today we would speak to you of this connection and how it serves us both.

You may think that if you do not directly communicate with us, you cannot get benefits or answers about the things troubling you. You believe you cannot “tap into” the source of our information. But we would say to you that the source (that you are receiving information from right now) has always been available to you. It has always served you. It has simply been unconscious or instinctive.

And so, we would say that even though it seems there are only some who can communicate and gather the information to help you through this ascension, it is not so. Because each of you is a part of us. And that part is always in communication. It is always receiving unconscious information and support. This is why we and many others are always giving the advice to still your mind and heart and connect to the feelings of that which you most love. 

It is there where you can consciously receive the communication from us. You will feel it.

And we thank you.