Channeled Message November 26, 2018

The message we have for you today is about where you are at in this moment. What you can do, what gifts you contain, emanate, and how you can enact great change in your life with these gifts that you now have.

The biggest gift is a greater capacity to love. And this encompasses more understanding and more ability to be in observation of things and events that happen around you rather than reaction mode. What you can do with this is understand – as you say – “where a person is coming from” in their speech, in their thoughts. And you can understand why they have the reaction they do based upon their experiences. And we would remind you that everything everyone does or says or believes or thinks, and every way someone reacts, is based upon their personal experience and their personal vibration.

And so when there is a seeming conflict that someone has with you, now you have the ability, more deeply, to understand why that person reacts as they do. And you realize that it does not need to cause a reaction inside of you. Of course, if it does, that is based upon your history, your way of dealing and thinking and being. But you do have the capacity to create more understanding, to stop conflict immediately, to be in observation, and to hold more compassion for people because of that.

Because of this gift, because of this expansion – this ability to be more observant of people – to see where they’re coming from, to think of how their life must be (has been) and what their thought patterns must be in order for them to hold these opinions, these beliefs. And you can hold compassion for them rather than distain or hatred or even apathy.

And so we would say with this expanded gift, this ability to love more – we are looking for a word that means all encompassing… all encompassing*, you have more of the ability to love all – to see all from observation mode rather than reaction mode – to understand where that person’s fears, beliefs, and ideas come from. And that they do not affect you. And the only way they can affect you in this state is to create love and compassion [within you] for that person.

This is something that many of you have been practicing for quite awhile. However, you now have an expansion of this ability. And with the expansion of this ability, comes more peace in the world. Because the more people that understand [that] conflict comes from within a person based on a belief, based on an experience, then you can react with compassion rather than escalating the emotion – the words of the person “coming at you” so to speak.

And so, with all lightworkers expanding their abilities, and with more humans coming online to the awakening, we see more peace and more ease in all things in your experience. And we think that you will enjoy this practice, and this experience.

*Ha! Guess they couldn’t find a word in my brain that means the same thing. 🙂