Dear Ones,

We will speak to you today about the questioning that is going on in your minds. We know this is important to many of you.

We would say that there is a reason for this. We can tell you that the seeming chaotic nature of the world at present is for a purpose. You are being sent down a funnel. One that is leading all of you to go within.

We know we have spoken on this many times, but we will talk about the practical purpose of this. When you look outside of yourself, you look for the truth of the world. But there are many truths. Every being on your planet has a truth based on the situation they were born into, their culture, their religion, and the opinions of those they love most. And so, their truth may look very different to the person on the other side of the world, or even next door.

Therefore, it is important for you all to be brought together at this time. To see each other as equals with the same situations to face and the same challenges to overcome. And it is also important at this time for you to understand the nature of your beliefs and where they come from.

What does your heart tell you?

This funnel you are in will allow you to see that the only way to “know” the truth is to look in your heart for the answer. And the answer lies in the coming together of all beings. To see yourselves as equals and none better than any other. To know that each set of experiences is valuable to the whole, and to make decisions for the whole and not this group or that group. 

When you face challenges, you all eventually come to this understanding. If you do not go within to see and know the “Truth” of your own being and its part in The All, you must be funneled into that knowing in order to achieve it. You are the ones who have decided for it to be such. And so it is.

And we thank you.


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