Dear Ones,

Although there are many timelines within the Earth plane that you can choose to remain on, we are pleased that so many of you are choosing the one or ones where your sense of oneness is growing. It is the one or ones where out of the current chaos will grow a great compassion for other souls, a great unification of spirit and a huge drive to make the Earth a place where all people can live in peace and fulfillment and abundance. These are also the timelines where the Earth herself is restored to the beauty and bounty of her original design. Much as you and your fellow humans are being restored to your original design – that of love and unity. Some would call it the positive polarity human

We know there are many who do not see this unity rising up in the collective. We know there are many still in victim consciousness. But those of you who are focusing forward into the positive polarity are paving the way. You have all been there and know what it’s like to not understand how the world could possibly get any better. But you are all also there to point out and show examples of where this is already true. It is already happening and there is evidence of it everywhere.

When you choose this focus in positive polarity, you are aligning yourself to it. But you are also emitting a frequency, so to speak, for others to pick up on and align with. It is spreading exponentially. And this is how you get to New Earth. You share the energy of the positive polarity you wish to attain. You spread it within yourselves and it spreads to others and they spread it to others. And it grows in intensity.

And so, when we encourage you to focus on the positive things in your experience, there is a mechanism behind it that brings about that which you have been striving for.

We support and applaud your willingness to be a beacon to others during what seem like dark times to many.

And we thank you.


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