Me: Tell us something we didn’t know that will inspire us about our future.

You are in a state of “in between”. You are walking a path through the proverbial forest and you cannot see the extent of it while within.

We will tell you that beyond the forest you are traversing is the new place and new feeling and experiencing space so many of you have wished for.  When you come out of this forest it will be as if you can breathe a deep sigh of relief. You will praise yourselves for the way you adapted while in the forest and you will be glad for that experience because of the space it allowed you to enter.

[Due to the images I was getting and the feeling that things would be extremely different “outside of the forest”, it felt like a transition like death, so I had to ask:]

Me: Does this mean we’re going to die?

No, you are currently in a state of transformation. What comes on the other side is the being you are transformed into, and as a result you will see and experience everything differently. There are enough of you now that the reality you are experiencing is transitioning into that which you want to experience. Not just in the physical, but within yourselves.

You wish to not feel anger or sadness, you wish instead for wonder and joy. We can tell you that once through these current times, you will experience this. This is not a result of outward involvement or a sudden flash of The Event. This is something you are transmuting and creating now. You are all going within and seeing the things you had not seen before. You are seeing the ways in which you viewed yourselves incorrectly. You will soon be able to see that your experiences were to be viewed as observations rather than taken within and used to alter who you really are – or at least the perception of who you really are.

And so, while we cannot tell you what you will make of this same – but also new – world you are going to be emerging into, we can tell you that you will be using your imaginations to the fullest to create a loving, joyful and creative world. One that is only limited by your creativity and desires. And we will be there to help you.

See you soon.