Dear Ones,

What we have for you today is this: if you are in a mode of fear or deep sadness, reach out to us. Remind yourselves of the greatness of who you really are. Focus on creating the new world you wish to live in.

We know that this time of transition is difficult for many. We also know you have brilliantly created your own bright spots to hold onto. We would say that one of the ways to “hold on”, so to speak, is to look to the future and realize that this transformational time will lead to all of the things you most want for your world.

It is easy to attach to the negative self replicating programs that are still running, but continue to be dissolved. It is easy to hold on to old anger and fear, but Dear Ones, know that those things that you are holding onto are in the past and no longer apply to the new world you are creating.

Instead of creating change with anger, try creating change with your imagined perfect peace and perfect new world. You have been told perfection is not possible, but you know that you can feel it from time to time. We would say it is possible to achieve all that you wish for and that it IS coming.

We think it would feel better to you if you imagined this perfect new world, and then took any small step at all toward living as if you were already there. Create the systems you wish to see and experience. You are all set up to do this. The things you need will be effortlessly dropped right in your path.

As always we cannot wait to see your creations.

And we thank you.