Now my dears, you see that it has begun. For the (what you would call) “unawakened”, these are the times in which huge occurrences will happen to wake them from their complacency. To wake them from being asleep to the idea of unity. These are the times when they will see such division than they will choose a different path. And for some (quite a few perhaps), it was the only thing that could happen to shake them awake.

Although you are all doing your perfect parts to shine the light for all of humanity, you cannot force anyone to open their eyes with love. You have to allow them to open them through their own coming to terms with what it is they want and don’t want. This is how you all have proceeded on this path.

And you will now be there for those who are just beginning to go through what you have already  been through. And you will prepare them for what is to come, and also for them to help the next “round”.

Whether this round is here on Earth or somewhere else is the soul’s choice and the collective’s choice. Everything is changeable. This is why we never give you a date for the Event. We do not know because you as a collective have not decided. You will decide based on how those of you respond to all the things happening: The waking up, the incoming energies (as you call them), the goals of the group within the whole, and the whole itself.

And so, we would say, these are the times you have prepared for. These are the times waking more and more to the idea of unity and peace and a collective that helps each other and shares… and cares. Because so many have forgotten that they are love. You are all love. And we are with you for support through this entire process, as we have been all along.

And we thank you.