Today we speak to you on the topic of grout. Yes, grout. Grout is used to stick things together. We see grout as necessary to make things functional in your world. It is useful. Things work and stay the way you want them to for a long time when you use it.

So, why are we speaking on grout? You are the grout, Dear Ones. You are that which holds things together and makes it all functional. You, as awakened ones or lightworkers (or whatever term you wish to assign yourselves) are the ones using your acquired knowledge to hold other parts of the collective together.

What you do right now with your energy and your focus, and your ability to see forward into the life and Earth you wish to have, is setting a blueprint for others to follow. So, we would say you are not only the grout, but the map.

And just like grout you can sometimes crack or chip a bit and need a little repair. So this is our reminder to take the time to heal those chipped parts of yourselves when you need to. You cannot help anyone else if you are broken yourself. And just like a map, you can sometimes get lost a bit. So this is our reminder to re-center and find your true self. You cannot help others if you do not remember who you really are. 

So, we are here to remind you to remember who you are and remember to self-heal when you need to. You are the light of humanity. This is what you are here for. 

And we thank you.


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