Channeling – December 11, 2018

Dear Ones,

You know that you are in a place now where it feels very much like all is lost at times. Like the darkness is everywhere and you wonder how much longer you can go on. And we would say to you that the time has come to end the game. To end this Earth experiment that you all willingly participated in. And we will explain, as we did earlier, that you came here with your soulmates to play the roles of duality. You came here to be the abused and the abuser, the one who was lost and the one who lost someone, the murderer and the murdered, the kidnapped and the kidnapper. You have all played all the roles. And we will tell you that we think, from your perspective, you will see that it is much more difficult to take the roll of the dark in this experiment. But there is a purpose to it all.

We would explain that in order to feel great love here, you must feel great pain to appreciate the great love. You must see great injustice to feel greater compassion. And thus is the experiment here. To see how dark you can get so that you can expand the light. And the ones you call the dark ones – the perpetrators of the injustices – they are your soulmates. They have agreed to do this job – to bring the darkness – to expand everyone’s light. Because you are nothing but particles of energy with consciousness. You are a part of the All. You are connected to everything and everyone. You have never been alone. You have never been a single being.

And so when you create this great compassion, this great love, this great hope, this great light through this polarity experience, your influence is to everything. So every particle of consciousness that exists expands in its greatness because of what you do here. These thousands of years you’ve spent in this experiment has created so much expansion for everything – for The All. And that is your purpose. That is the purpose of this Earth experience – these thousands of lifetimes. The dark and the light – you are all one. You are all participating in the expansion of The All. That is the purpose. And that purpose is complete. And it is not necessary to create more darkness.

And so you are all coming back to yourselves, to The All. Because everything that you could think of to do here has been done in a million different ways. You are down to nuances of mental and emotional thoughtforms. That is all that’s left. Your consideration of experiences is all that’s left. You have experienced everything. And every experience has come back to The All.

And so we suggest that it makes sense at this point, rather than feeling a need to fight the dark, to send those souls – because they are just souls in agreement at source – send those souls your thanks for the experience and let them know you are complete. This is the wave. This is the Event.This is how it occurs – when you know the experience here is complete. When you know you have agreed – the light and the dark – to play these roles, to have these experiences. And that it is complete. You have portrayed everything that it is possible to portray here. You have done everything it is possible to do. Maybe not in one lifetime, but over thousands and thousands of years. Many, many lifetimes.

Now, there is a feeling that you get when you love someone. We would compare it to a bright shining, spinning sun in your heart. And you feel that warmth. But there is also a feeling of expansiveness that you can feel when you reach out. Imagine those particles of energy, those particles of your consciousness (They are not actually particles. We are using particles to explain something not really explainable). Imagine yourself expanding out into everything – past Earth, beyond Earth. Past your solar system. Out and out and out – expanding on and on and on. And realizing: that is you. That is all YOU. There is a connection between the love you feel in your Earthly experience and the expansiveness of who you really are.

You are all “clicking on”, we would say, to this awareness of who you really are. And the love and connection that really exists in the Universe – and your part in it. And we see more and more of these lights clicking on faster and faster and faster. And the more that click on, the more still that click on. And you can imagine it like a wave of light sweeping across through all the beings on your planet. This is your Event. This is your tipping point. It is now. You are all realizing you are such amazing souls to separate yourselves – to feel separate – to come here and do this to raise the love, to raise the compassion, to expand the beings we all are. You have succeeded through the darkness. The darkness has caused the light.

And so we thank you and we want you to know what incredible beings you are – what incredible things you’ve brought with this Earth experience. And we would say now is the time you are all coming home to the knowing of who you really are. And that knowing creates the change that you have been wanting to see. Do not look outwardly. Look at your fellow souls for you have the ability to see what’s inside of them – who they are at source. When you speak to someone, don’t listen to their words, see into them. Because everything they do, they do for you. And everything you do, you do for them. Whether you see it as good or bad. Every word spoken is for your benefit and for the benefit of The All. And we think this is enough of an explanation for now.

And we thank you.

Photo by Nick Fisher on Unsplash