Transcription of channeling – August 20, 2018

Today we speak to you of hope. We see that many of you are noticing all of the chaos, the news as you call it – things coming to light that you may have known, but the masses may not even have been remotely aware of. And we would say to you that this is a very good thing because when things are brought into the light, when things are exposed, when they are no longer hidden, then you can begin to deal with them, to shape them and change them into the things and the ways and the paths that you choose for any particular area. Your food for example, your politics, your education, your entertainment.

All of the things that come to light that seem dark to you, that seem unbelievable to you – the more and more these things come out, hold onto your hope because now (or when they have been revealed) change can start. Before, when they were hidden, even if you knew, it was difficult to convince others. But now it will not be difficult. Now others will work with you to make the changes that you need to make to have the things go in the direction you want them to – to have things be the way you want them to. And we wonder if you have noticed how quickly this has escalated and how much more quickly it will escalate from here.

There is a radical shift going on right now for you. And it is up to you to hold the space of love and light and not let these – what you would consider – dark events and information taint that light that you are. And we have told you this is a good thing because now you can help change direction quickly. Keep that in mind as these things are revealed. When they are in the dark and in the shadows it is difficult to create change. But as more and more comes to light – and we use that word on purpose – you will be able to change things quickly. Your world will change quickly.

And so, if you wish, it can be your job to guide people from anger and outrage and help them channel their energy into a positive direction – into positive change. And it is up to you, if you wish, to explain to them that this is a good thing. That now you can see what needs to be done whereas before you didn’t know.

So. In Spite of what you see around you. In spite of all the bad that you see, that others see, hold the light for yourself and for them. Remind them of what they do want and help them channel their energies and their thoughts and their emotions into a positive action. And we would say there is more coming. And as we said, faster and more information in bigger amounts. Hold on to your light. Don’t waver. But also be gentle on yourselves if, for a moment, you feel the same anger and outrage. It is to be expected.

The systems on your planet that you would consider dark have been long hidden and entrenched in your culture and it is taking this shift to bring them to the surface to be transmuted. But once they are transmuted, once they are at the surface, everything changes. Do not dwell on the bad, but focus on the good that you wish to have and you wish to see. And when you do, you will set an example for others – both – we would say – visually or physically, but also energetically. Your energy has more of an effect on the whole than you realize. We can tell you again and again this fact but you will still not fully realize what an impact you have.

If you do not feel the call to make the change yourself, then perhaps your calling is to guide others – to steer them in the right direction – to help them transmute the energy of anger and fear into positive action and love and connectedness and helping. And that will build your new community and your new way of life from here forward. It has already begun. And the good will grow and grow and the shift will be fast and massive. But this mechanism needs to happen now for the consciousness to understand and to process the shift and the Event which is to come.

And so, dear lightworkers, carry on with your work. Keep your hearts light. Don’t forget to have fun. Don’t forget to take care of yourselves. Because you will be called, perhaps, to help many others. And you need your strength and your energy and your confidence in your knowledge in yourself first. And call on us if you need our help. We are always here for all of you.

Thank you so much for all you are doing on this planet at this time. And again we will say what you do here shifts The All greatly. And again, you cannot know how greatly.

We thank you and send you our love and gratitude.

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