Dear Ones,

We are assisted today by the angelic realm in bringing this message through due to the myriad of energy systems on your planet being in such a way as to necessitate our sending more energy through than we normally would. The angelics assist by “softening” the energy, so to speak, so that it reaches you in a pleasant way.

We would speak to you today about these energies and how they affect and serve you and your planet at this time.

When you have an energetic “disturbance”, we will call it, it assists in bringing up the negative polarity energetic and emotions within each being. This may look like what you call civil unrest. This might be called a “purge”. It is a lightening of the energy by releasing that which is not natural to your “real” self.

When these disturbances happen all over your world at the same time, it is a major releasing of the parts of you that are conditioned, followed by a reflection of how you feel about these disturbances. It is a time to come to the understanding that the only real way forward is through cooperation and understanding.

Just as you have formed your beliefs and opinions throughout your life there, others have formed theirs. And your opinions do not have to be similar to be valid as far as your conditioning goes. In other words, every being is shaped in their beliefs by those social constructs that they have evolved within.

And so, we would say that these disturbing events are a product of the societal ideas and structures that do not work with other cultures and societal structures. We would suggest that if you want peace rather than war or riots, you could examine how to balance the societal structures around the world to be more supportive and inclusive. And to find a common denominator between all beings.

We know that you are all light playing in your current roles there on Earth. And once you leave the Earth you will be light once again – enriched by your experiences and with a new and greater understanding. For now we suggest you remember that all other beings – regardless of their opinions and cultural upbringings – are really just love and light playing their roles there. Just as you are.

And we thank you.