We have been asked today to deliver a message regarding the energetics for the current time you are in – what you would call March. It is a complex and multi-layered energy. You have as usual, waves coming in – waves that (as you call them) contain energies for clearing, for upgrading, for understanding, and lightening. These may cause physical symptoms, these may cause emotional symptoms. These you are accustomed to. These you know about.

There is a cycle that has been completing through the beginning of this year. And so many of you may be feeling the end of things. Many of you may be feeling the need to rebuild, but are encumbered by feelings of loss and not knowing what is real what is not real and feeling of doubt within yourself. And so this makes it difficult to move forward when you are unsure of what you have done previously. You are thinking if what you have done previously does not make sense, then how do you move forward? It is a dramatic and, some would say, drastic shift.

We see that you are feeling lost. And you are not understanding how to proceed. And we would say all the things that you’ve wished for yourself come in this new cycle. And though you feel the loss of things from the old cycle – they are not truly lost. They have helped lead you to this place. They have served their purpose and they will never be truly over. They will never be truly lost. All things are eternal: souls, friendships, love, experiences. Where one feels lost to you, another will come in to replace that loss with something new – something fuller and something that will help you grow and expand in the very best way.

And we see it is hard for you to understand this. But we tell you that this new cycle is lighter. So give yourselves time to adjust to the loss that is the end of the previous cycle and soon you will move into a freer, lighter way of being. We will add that the previous cycle is not merely a cycle of Earth years in this lifetime, but over many, many stretches of time and lives, experiences. And so the loss feels greater, for you are feeling the loss of many lifetimes. And you also carry feelings of loss of your ancestors. So, we say, that is a lot of “baggage” to take with you into the new Earth – the new lighter feeling cycle.

So, give yourself time to remember and to realize that you do not need any of that luggage for your trip forward. Do what comforts you and remind yourself many, many times that the way forward is so much more pleasant than the way backward. This is a time of introspection and self care and we recommend journaling your thoughts or working with coaches to get your feelings, your frustrations, your worries and your fears out of the way so that you can feel lighter and brighter and embody more of who you are for the coming cycle.

And we, as always, are with you, as are so many other helper beings. And when you close your eyes and imagine us, you will be able to feel that we are with you. We are closer than ever. It is almost time for more integration with more of your higher self and more of your alternate beings of self – your alternate lifetimes you would say, as other beings in other dimensions, other galaxies, other planets. You will be integrating these more and more and you will be aware of them as you integrate.

And so, again we would say: be kind to yourselves. Take deep breaths. Do things you enjoy that are comforting. And we wait for your next connections.

We thank you.