[ ] denote emotions that do not come through in words.

Dear Ones,

You are allowed to take a break. We see that you are struggling with your current knowing of your mission or missions as you call them. We would tell you that if you had absolutely no knowledge of your missions, you would still accomplish them. You would complete them on auto-pilot. But as you are aware of your goals, and as you are all over-achievers [joke], you are determined to do your “work” in the biggest, most impactful way possible. It is exciting for you on another level.

We would remind you that, even though you love knowing and working on your missions, your goals, when you get worn down to the point of tears and exhaustion, it is okay to just breathe. Just take a break and step back from it all. We promise you that there are plenty of others who will jump in and hold the energy while you rest. And when you do come back into the stream of what it is you have been working so hard to over-achieve [smiling] you will be all that much better at it for having taken that break.

So, as you would say: Chill out.

You cannot mess this up.


And we thank you.


Photo by Eli Defaria on Unsplash