Today we would speak to you of joy and how to attain this seemingly elusive state. We know that you have tried many ways to master this state in its constant streaming form – that is to say to achieve this state all the time.

So, we will give you our pointers, as you say.

Number one: joy is a feeling inside of yourself. When you look for it outside of yourself it is more difficult to sustain. Think of times when you have felt the most joy, the most happy, the most fun. Those were felt inside. They may have been triggered by [external] events or people, but they are felt inside of you. So, when you focus and bring your attention to a memory when you felt joy, happiness, even bliss, love – close your eyes and hold that state in your heart and expand on that. It brings the feeling into the present.

And you can do this many times a day any time you want to bring yourself back to a state of happiness. You will get to a point where you have set the frequency in your heart space, in your bodies (your physical bodies). You have tuned it like a radio station and so whenever you want to call up that feeling, you tune into that feeling again. And the more you practice this, the more easy it becomes until you can simply have the thought to be happy and you can tune yourself to that frequency.

Tip two: since happiness is created inside, within, you cannot surround yourself with things and situations hoping that they will cause this happiness. You can also not… well, we would say it is possible to block this internal feeling or frequency by expecting others to create it for you as well as allowing others to block the feeling within you. This is tip three, however.

Tip three is: do not put so much care on what other people’s opinions on what your life and your situations are. Their information is based on their experiences, not yours. And therefore they have no relevance to your internal feeling space. So there is no need to accept what others believe about you to be true – only what you believe is true for you. And therefore only allow or disallow what you believe to effect your internal self and create the state of being that you want.

And there, if you follow these tips, they will help you create a state of happiness, joy, bliss, or love at any time. But we would say in observing you, we believe that based on your beliefs, this will take practice and we invite you to practice as often as possible. As often as you wish to maintain a state of happiness.

And we would also say maintaining a state of happiness does not mean you do not care about the sorrows of others. But you cannot create happiness in others from a state of sorrow as well. And it does not mean you do not have sympathy for them and their situation. But in creating your own happiness you can lead by example and you can share your tips and you would say tricks, hacks… life hacks with them and some day they may be able to attain a similar state of internal peace and balance and love.
And we hold this space for you now. And we give you these tips out of our love for you. And we thank you for sharing this journey with us.