Stages of Using Energy Thumbnail for YoutubeToday we would speak to you of energy and how it transmutes, as you would say, into so many things – or so many different ways of being. And we see that you have all experimented with this, and you have all had experiences where energy came in, perhaps that you didn’t know that you had, and you used it in a way that was unexpected.

We are speaking of turning one thing into another. Turning one experience into a different experience. Because energy is malleable – you can flow energy from one state to another with only your intention. And so, in this way, you can even take what you consider a negative energy and flow it into a positive situation. Transmute it, work with it, change it. It is everywhere and it is for your purpose – for your use.

It is not necessary to believe that you must cut off any negative aspect or seemingly negative situation. Instead, understand that that experience is simply energetic and set your intention and use your visualization abilities – your imaginations – to perhaps imagine that that energy that is a situation that is unpleasant to you or unwelcome to you – imagine it changing. Change the color, change the shape, change the size. Dismiss the parts that you no longer need. Release them to whatever state you wish. Some release aspects into Gaia for transmutation, some release back to source, to a white light – whatever you wish. Use your skills in this place, your imagination, your visualization, your movement even – use movement to transmute the energy of a situation that you don’t want and move it over and have it changed and be the situation you do want.

You may have heard that everything is energy, but it is hard for you sometimes to see energy in a brick building or a conflict between strangers. They seem solid. It seems that their patterns are set, but it is not so. Everything can be changed. Everything can be transmuted. What you find easiest to transmute, perhaps, is a thought. Although you often find this difficult as well. But think of this: When you start transmuting your thoughts from negative to positive, and that gets easier, and then you start transmuting emotions from [negative to positive], and then you use this ability to help others – even strangers  who don’t know what you’re doing – transmute their feelings and emotions, their thoughts from negative to positive, as you see it. Once you graduate from this, once you understand that you are doing this and you know it, then can you begin to transmute things you see as physical: homes, vehicles, work environments, the Earth. And this is not the final step of your journey. There is so much more that comes after.

So we would say, master these – what we would call – beginning stages of transmuting and working with energy. Once you master thought and emotion, which many of you are doing now more and more, then you can transmute for others, then you can transmute what you consider solid objects and entire environments and entire worlds. And we know that you are going to enjoy that very much. And we will expand on this more later as you all become more accustomed to using the gifts that we know you have and that you are just starting to know that you have.

We send all our love to you and our gratitude.