We are aware that your spiritual self requires a type of sustenance to achieve the ability to ascend into that state of being that you are attempting to ascend into. And we can see that while you understand the principles of this ascension into a higher state of being, your requirements are such that – if they are not provided for you, through you – it makes the process more difficult from your standpoint.

And so, with this in mind, we call forth the energies from within your planet to sustain you. And your planet calls forth (what you perceive as) energies outside of itself, to pull it through her being and thus feed you the sustenance your spiritual self requires to ascend. As you assimilate these energies (as you would call them) you have the fuel, so to speak, to continue on the path that you laid out for yourselves.

And so, look to these energies that are being fed to you in order to maintain your stamina and your emotional fortitude – for they will continue to be provided to you. And as you can assimilate more, stronger ones – stronger food, stronger energy will be provided to the Earth and then to you. This is the creation, or the process, of ascension.

And we think you may find it strange that the conflicting emotions and the conflicts between people and organizations on your planet are what allow more of this type of energy to be fed to you and through you – creating a cycle that not only resolves the conflicts within you, but also the conflicts on your planet. And [it] clears the paths for a higher frequency and a higher way for you all to experience (what you call) life on your planet.

We thank you for being a channel for this energy and this sustenance, this food, and for using it to transmute what you don’t want – what you no longer want – into what you do want. And this was your plan – one of many for this life.

And we thank you.