Dear Ones,

When you are faced with such tumultuous times, we can see that it is in your nature and your history to dwell in the darkness. We see that it is easy for you to succumb to the idea that everything is bad and will just keep getting worse. But we also know that nothing that feels that level of “bad” lasts for very long.

We will give you a tool to see the “bad” in a new way that we think might help you dwell in that negative space for far less time.

When you experience something you perceive as negative, such as the current pandemic and the many levels of discomfort and fear and sadness that exist within this theme, we would ask that you look for what good could possibly come from the bad. 

For example, if one is interested in the education system, they might say that a smaller classroom size and smaller teacher to student ratios might come out of this current struggle, and they would consider that a good thing.

Some might say that you could look at this dilemma and say that the poor, mentally ill, homeless, chronically ill, and elderly have a focus they have not had before. This could be seen as a good thing as well, when more people take an interest to change the lives of these groups of people for the better.

These are just two examples of what good can come from what is perceived as bad. And we encourage you to take this a step further. Any time you perceive something bad is or has happened to you, look for the good that came out of it. (Did you learn something new about yourself or the way you had been living your life that was not as you wanted it to be?) 

In this way, you could say that the dark is actually serving the light. And when the dark is serving the light, it is really no longer dark. And then you have your one polarity of good or light. This is what so many have been looking forward to. And we tell you it is simply a matter of shifting your perspective to make it so.

We are available for further questions. Simply take a few moments to quiet your mind, take a few deep breaths to clear your energy, and align with all you feel is happiness and light. Ask your question in your mind and receive whatever comes into your mind. This is how we speak with you.

And we thank you.