Oct. 22, 2018 Channeling Transcription (From The All)

Dear Souls, you are in a place at this time to receive certain benefits from this experience that you are having. We see these benefits that you are receiving, but you do not always see the benefits and the good around you and within you. We would prefer if you could see these things as we see them. Therefore, there is a project in place that will allow a bit of the mask to be removed from your awareness. A bit of the filter that is keeping you from seeing the progress you have made, and the beauty of who you are, and the beauty of those around you – as well as the beauty of your planet.

Youtube thumbnail Hand holding sunglasses up in the sunshineThis project is already underway and it has multiple benefits. Because as you begin to see who you really are, your experiences in your world will change and you will receive more of what you want. And we are not speaking merely of money. We are speaking of whatever your heart’s desire is, or desires, as you wish. For when you see yourself for who you really are, the blocks to the things you wanted fall away. Another benefit is that when you see yourself for who you really are, you begin to see others for who they really are – a part of yourself – a part of The All. And you begin to help others, and they begin to help you, and everyone begins to help everyone.

We are starting small, but many of you can already see the momentum of this small change or small shift. For anyone who has not noticed, please know we are removing some of the dark film from the glasses you are wearing that color your world view and your view of yourself. Pay attention to the things you see that are more beautiful to you – more loving to you. For this will amplify your perception and you will begin to see more and more beautiful and loving things. And you will feel more and more beautiful and loving toward yourself. And when you feel this way toward yourself, you are assisting everyone and everything everywhere. And this is the message we wish for you to know today. And we thank you.