Greetings again, Beloveds.

Today we speak to you of a process going on on your planet, in your physical selves, that is a releasing of density. And for some of you, you have a belief system that says in order to release anything you must have an awareness of it. And so you create within your bodies a pain, an illness, a discomfort, that proves to you that something is happening. This is something that has been in place for some time because you like that feedback and that acknowledgement. But we would say it is not necessary. For those of you who are aware of this process (this lightening of your physical vessels in your physical world) to simply hold the knowing within you is enough at this time. And therefore, you may release any physical or mental anguish, pain, and suffering. Reprogram your conscious and subconscious to understand that this is an ongoing process. It has been ongoing for some time – recent time we would say.

And so these – what you call – Ascension symptoms that sometimes become unbearable to you:  reprogram yourself to understand they are not necessary to the process any longer. They were only necessary when you needed feedback to know that there was something happening. You know there is something happening. Therefore, let the pain, the discomfort, the mental anguish, drain from your physical vessels. Let your cells and every particle of your being know it is okay to not react.

We would ask at this time that you take a deep breath and let the pain, and the mental confusion, anguish, stress, drain from all your organs, all your cells, every particle of your being. And we would also add the removal of this reaction does not end with further pain. It is not removed in a painful way. It is simply dissolved in a peaceful way. Therefore, let it go, and thank the process for being in place to let you know about your part in understanding the Ascension process, and all the different responses that come with it.

And we would ask you to now focus only on the beauty you see within this process. Because when you focus on the beautiful: the rainbow clouds, the kindness, the love, it amplifies. It fills your world and it fills your perception. And it makes your lives that much easier.

And we thank you.