When you are thinking about what it is that you want to do with your life, you can adjust your ideas to fit into a culturally opposed idea – a culturally opposed norm or box we would say. We would say also that you might know by now that you no longer need that box. You no longer need the structure in which to put the things that you want. Therefore, when you are thinking about all these things you would like to happen – all these ways of being you would like to experience – we would suggest that you not restrict yourself to having them come about in the way you have always expected them to come about.

We would suggest that you simply have the intention of what it is you want, or what it is you want to experience, the thing or the feeling – especially the feeling – and do not try to restrict how it can come about. Because at this time there are so many ways we can deliver to you – or help you deliver to yourselves – all the things and all the ways of being you want to experience.

So we would suggest you not restrict yourselves to the standard ways of being that you have known in the past and just allow things to come to you – ways of being, feelings – to come to you in whatever way is the fastest and highest best way for these things to come about. And you will notice that they will come about more quickly this way.

And we would say do not “stop up the pipe” so to speak. Do not restrict these things from coming to you by setting parameters of how you believe they could come or they should come. Because there are so many more ways for things to come to you than you understand or that you realize. And so when you set your intention and do not restrict your ideas, you will see your manifestation (as you call it) happen more and more quickly in more and more incredible ways. And we think you will enjoy this.

And we thank you.