Youtube Thumbnail Channeled: Recognizing The Divine Spark In Each OtherToday we would speak to you on love. There are many varieties of love on your planet, and the one we wish to speak to you of is the one we see you giving to those you do not necessarily know, but that you meet when you are at a grocery store, at a restaurant. And we enjoy how you notice the kindness, the openness that you see in them, that you perceive as other. And we enjoy that you experience that small spark of knowing that person is also a part of you. That person contains the same spark or light that you contain.

And so, when you all start acting and reacting and knowing that every other person that you perceive in your reality is just a part of you… And now we would say in the same way, when you understand that every other person is a part of you, you can perhaps be more tolerant of those who do something that creates an emotion in you that you do not prefer. For example: someone cuts you off in traffic. We would say this is good practice. This is good practice to understand the environment that person has been in, the events that might have led up to that moment, the shaping of that person’s personality. And practice forgiveness, practice understanding. And perhaps create some options in your mind as to what could have caused that person to do that thing.

We would say when people react as if they expect everyone to attack them, then you must ask yourself, what kind of life has that person had that they feel this way? And then you are more sympathetic. And then you put yourself into their place. And again, it comes back to realizing that you and they are the same. Part of you is in them, part of them is in you. And we are all connected. Yes, you are even connected to us at all times. And we are all connected to everything.

And so we would say even though we understand that it may be difficult for you to tolerate these little events (or big events) you can diminish their impact on your life by realizing you are the same at source. And you are all shaped by this world that you have agreed to come into. And the more you practice understanding and oneness and your connection to the all, the easier your daily life becomes. And this is what we wish for you. We wish for it to get easier and easier until any event that happens simply *is* and does not create a negative reaction in you.

We are happy to connect with you today and we thank you.