So, for my channeling sessions, I put myself into a hypnotic state (or meditative state), then ask the questions I’ve got written down (I can’t remember them once I’m in trance). Then I wait for words to show up in my head and I dictate them into my recorder on my phone without thinking about what they are going to explain. If I start thinking too much, I will only receive 2 or 3 words at a time so I can’t guess the meaning of the entire sentence. The longer the session runs, the more I start to get images or complete thoughts that jump into my head all at once and I have to try to think of words to explain them. These were from my last channeling session. I have decided to stick to one topic and expand on it for more than a few sentences in the future. We’ll see how it goes.  Stay tuned…


Are current soul groups only for our Earth lives, or have we been grouped from the time we were created with the same group?

Your Earth mission has caused specific groups to form. Your soul group for Earth has been created with specific challenges and goals in mind. You are not required to stay with these souls after your Earth challenges are through. However, as we say this, you also are not required to leave your soul groups. You will always be connected. You may always connect to them. Your favorite part of releasing from a group is rejoining those souls later. Reunions are fun for you.

What is my book going to be like?

Your book is what you make of it. You know that it is the joy of creating that is the purpose. It will be about all the wonderful things that interest you the most that you wish to share.

Could I channel the book?

There are parts you could channel, but as we said the purpose is in you pulling the pieces together and even in explaining that you pulled the pieces together through different time periods and different pieces that you did not even realize would come together to form a story or an explanation. It is like putting together a puzzle. It is not as fun if someone hands you each piece in order. Although we could do that for you if you wish. And we will be happy to assist if you would like us to give you parts when you want them.

If Rob and I aren’t in the same soul group, what is our connection?

Your connection with your husband has always been to play. You enjoy incarnating together. It is like playing house. You recognize each other, you give each other support, you help each other work through issues you need to clear. [I’m seeing an image of him as a kid with dark hair and we’re in a wheat field swinging sticks at the wheat stalks and he’s laughing. What is that image from?] Just one of the many lives you’ve shared to give an example that you come for play. You enjoy each other’s company.

Are we going to ascend in the physical while in this lifetime?

lighthouse with purple glowYou are. It is not a fearsome thing. There will be no fear involved. It will be blissful and you will be grateful. There will be no sense of loss, only gratitude. And at any time you may go back and forth. From your current perspective, time will have run out. However, when, from your perspective, “time runs out”, you will know that you have access to all time and you may go back and forth as much as you like, for as long as you like. You will not want to.

Is it true that twin flames are uniting in this lifetime?

From your perspective twin flames are nothing more than karmic connections. However, there is a conjunction of frequency alignments that does exist. You have a frequency that is aligned to many. You do not require a twin flame to ascend. That does not mean you do not have one. Your twin flames are many. There is no lack. When you feel the gratitude that brings tears to your eyes, that is the resonant frequency of twin flames uniting. So a twin flame is not necessarily a being in the physical, but a feeling that integrates into the physical. And in that respect your twin flame is already with you. It is the lightness to your density. And when it is integrated, that is the twin flame reunion.

Is this my final lifetime on Earth?

Yours is one of choice as we explained. In chronological order, yes. In the limitless span of Earth’s experience it is your choice whether you continue to play. It is not necessary, but you may if you wish.

General message for me:

You are often found worrying briefly – oscillating between excitement for ascension and worry for loss. As we have explained there will be no loss. There will be only gratitude and new adventure and time will change – the nature of time – so that you may return. So you see there is nothing to worry over. You know that your children, your family, and your friends will all be accessible for all eternity. There is no beginning or end.

General message for everyone:

Masses of Earth have hardly begun to grasp the immense change that is to come. There will be much joy. There will be much astonishment. There will be much partying. [ funny! ] In a blink the change will happen. But there is always an adjustment period as with anything in your current life. You will like this adjustment. It will be like living a dream – a really good dream. We are excited to proceed through this change with you and see how it benefits you. Have fun, be happy, enjoy. We are with you.