A different group came in today for this message. I have never channeled them before, but the name that popped into my head was The Amala Group and it seemed like a very divine feminine energy.  Just thought I would share that because the message sounds slightly different with different word choices (and repetitions) than the Arcturians use. It may be that they are just an aspect of the Arcturian group that came forward more prevalently than usual.


What we send to you today is a message for healing the human spirit.

When you begin something new, you open yourselves up to new possibilities. At the time of your new year, many of you open yourselves up to possibilities of very good things happening to you in the coming year. We love to see this optimism in all of you. 

We would also like to add that no matter what you think you are going to accomplish in the coming year, you will actually accomplish much more than that. And you will use your goals to do it.

You may be surprised at the end of the year to look back and think you did not accomplish what you set out to. But we would say to look around at everything. Look at what has been accomplished because you decided to set that goal. Look what else happened. Look at how many other things you successfully learned and experienced.

You are moving ever forward in spite of what you might believe. We invite you to take a look back and instead of looking at what you didn’t accomplish that you meant to, look at all of the other things that you learned, experienced and became in the past year. 

And now think of how much you will grow in the short year to come.

We send you our love.

The Amala Group (divine feminine energy)


Happy New Year - Peace, Love, 2020