We would speak to you today on love. Again. We know we speak on this topic a lot as there are many facets to how you perceive love on your planet in this particular incarnation.

The version we speak to you about today is the version where you have an abundance of feeling and aren’t sure what to do with it. It is relatively new to you at this time to have a well of emotion come up. And you want to turn it toward another person or perhaps even your pet, or the Earth, or the flowers. But we would say that this is your new way of being that is to come. This feeling of love – overwhelming almost – will be your new normal. Though we would say at that point in time it will not feel overwhelming to you. It will feel normal. 

Because these feelings – these waves of love that overtake you so to speak – are the precursors to your new way of being “coming soon” as we say. 

We would tell you that these feelings of love are actually who you really are. So you do not need to turn them in any direction but inward and live inside of them. You will encounter others who are also living inside these feelings that are seemingly new. You will resonate with them and be pulled together towards all of those who are vibrating at this new frequency or holding this new space. And however short a length of time you feel these new ways of feeling, you are still .. we could say… quantum entangled with your new friends. Your fellow holders of the love and light. 

Continue to hold these feelings when they come over you. Turn them inward and hold them and just know that this is the new normal. Soon you will feel them more and more and they will connect until it’s the only existence. And everyone else will follow along after those of you who are holding this vibration and this love and peace and gratitude.

And we thank you.

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