Asking for a message that the collective believes is important and needs to be delivered right now.


Dear Ones,

We see that you have reached a point where you acknowledge that you are connected to your higher selves and a bigger – much bigger – picture. We see that you acknowledge your galactic heritage, and we see that you are becoming a little more comfortable with that. But we also see you struggling to believe that what you want, and indeed intend, to happen is really happening.

We will tell you that the changes in Stage One are the changes that manifest within yourselves. These are the thoughts and ideas that grow first. They need to grow first because in these human bodies, it is the thoughts and beliefs that have to change before you can see any outward manifestation of these ideals. Before you can see them manifest in the outer world around you.

Now we know that all of you would like to have your New Earth as you call it. We know that you would like to get rid of poverty, pain, suffering, etc. And we will tell you that it is your natural evolution – the planned evolution for this planet at this time to evolve beyond all of that. We know you can feel it.

We would now tell you that you are passing into Stage Two. You are beyond understanding that your thoughts create your reality. Your intentions create your reality. And you have been ready to manifest this reality. We tell you that you are able to do this now, but it will take focus and practice.

You will manifest this reality in seemingly small ways: in support for others who are on the big stage, so to speak, in support of those in your community who need a little extra help to break out of (or even into) Stage One, in doing more that you like to do to improve the state of your planet and your animals, and in creating new systems on a micro level that diverge from the larger systems that do not serve humanity. These things you can do a little at a time. And with all of you doing them, the results are phenomenal.

And so, take heart and keep holding your light. You are still leading by example, holding love for all others and yourselves above all else, and not sinking into the negative polarity which only feeds itself. Make the – what you would call – improvements you love to make in your own lives, and as you like to, in the lives of others. Continue to show support of others in all stages of ascension. With what seems like small actions, small effort, you are all creating big results.

And we thank you.

Photo by Remi Yuan on Unsplash


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